Keywords: Thanksgiving Presidential pardons, turkeys, forgiveness, experimental video, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Henry Ford, Dwight Eisenhower , pardon controversies

Every Thanksgiving since 1987, the US President has pardoned two turkeys so that 45 million may be slaughtered guilt-free. The annual turkey pardon exemplifies the absurd and arbitrary exercise of executive authority. With the President's sweeping powers, questions of life and death, freedom and imprisonment, hinge upon taste and personal preference akin to the choice of dark or white meat. The video offers counter-narratives as commentary on this highly prejudicial process: a humorous history of turkey pardon ceremonies contrasted with ticker-tape statistics detailing controversial pardons and the plummeting number of pardons granted since the 1980's.

Dark Meat or White Meat?


15 minute single-channel video

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